PFI Celebrates 7-Eleven Day

Knowledge is power. To gain knowledge, one needs good education. As Malcolm X puts it: “Education is our passport to the future.” It is a key factor in giving an individual more opportunities to earn and live a good life.

In the past, Philippines is one of the most highly looked upon when it comes to quality education. However, in recent years, due to economic crisis, poverty and lack of opportunity, education became a privilege of a select few.

Education is a right of every individual. And as such, everyone should have access to it. The Department of Education (DepEd) has implemented a lot of projects to assuage the need to make education available to everyone especially the underprivileged. However, due to the ever increasing population, lack of funding, being short on manpower make education elusive to those who is in dire need of it.

In light of this, the Foundation ties up with the City of Manila to partner with the City’s priority welfare programs and services to launch the Mobile Day Care Center. It is a multi-cab servicing Barangays in Manila without access to a day care facility particularly Sta. Ana, Sta. Cruz and most of Tondo area. The foundation aims to enhance the said program by supplies provision, upgrading of curriculum and employee involvement through volunteerism. This program also aims towards preparing children to formal school for ages 3-5 years old. An official launching of the said partnership happened last July 11, 2011 in time for the worldwide celebration of 7-Eleven Day at Rasac covered court attended by the City Mayor, City Social Welfare Head and other Local Gov’t Officials together with PSC and PFI Chairman, PSC President and division managers.

The Foundation in a continued effort to foster education to those who really need it, launched more projects that aims to maintain and nurture quality education. This is in coordination with the local government of Manila, identified General Miguel Malvar Elementary School as its beneficiary for several programs and  services such as: 120 days supplementary feeding program for 100 underweight children which started August and will end by February of 2012, medical missions and school library renovation that would benefit 1,500 pupils.

The turn-over ceremony for the school library at General Miguel Malvar Elementary School was held last July 13, 2011 attended by City Vice-Mayor, Dep-ed Representatives, PSC and PFI Chairman, PSC President and division managers.

The Foundation would like to thank all the sponsors and donors headed by VMP Construction who donated half percent of the total renovation cost for the school library and all of PSC partner builders who also shared equal donations to have this renovation/construction realized. Some PSC suppliers and service providers also made their significant share to realize this project.