The Foundation shall implement programs and services that will best serve its purpose. It will focus on but not limited to providing services that addresses the most basic needs of its chosen underserved community. These programs are aimed to eventually be a catalyst for community development, necessary researches and studies shall be conducted by the foundation to ensure the impact and sustainability of its programs and projects.


A. Gulong ng Karunungan Project (GNK)      

PFI’s GNK Project is a learning facility on wheels that aims to respond to out-of-school children and youth by providing an alternative avenue to access education.

By bringing GNK services to Barangays and streets it directly provides its beneficiaries with:

  1. Non-formal education through Dep-Ed Alternative Learning System (ALS) and/or Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD Council)
  2. Values formation and promotion of good hygiene
  3. Health and nutrition services through medical check-ups and supplementary feeding
  4. Responsible parenting sessions and learning

Year 2010, when PFI launched the Mobile Day Care Project in partnership w/ Manila City, to cater to areas w/o access to a Day Care facility, due to congestion and limited space. It aimed to serve day care age children between 3-7 yrs old.  With the end goal of ensuring that all GNK students will continue and/or go back to formal school.

This concept of GNK later on evolved to catering to out-of-school children and youth w/ various ages ranging from 3 to 17 yrs. Old, with the launch of “Gulong ng Karunungan: Balik Aral na Kabataan (GNK)” tie-up project with Calamba City last December 2015.

The GNK Project provides its beneficiaries with:

  1. Multicab vehicle
  2. School supplies
  3. GNK uniform shirt and school bag
  4. LED Television Set
  5. Portable sound system
  6. Reference books and materials
  7. Whiteboard
  8. Educational and musical toys
  9. Ready to cook meal supplies for feeding
  10. Hygiene Kits
  11. Medicines and /or vitamins (Medical outreach)

B. Everyday Play Project

“As the country continues its commitment to uphold children’s rights, the vision is a child-friendly Philippines – a caring and protective society “for, by, and with the children.”  – said Grace Alejandrino of the Council for the Welfare of Children in an interview with Rappler last October 23, 2014 in response to UNICEF statement that the country is “a little behind” in upholding children’s rights. )

To promote a child-friendly and healthy community, PFI aims to increase access of community to playground parks through the “EVERYDAY PLAY” project, a donation of playground equipment set and site development of minimum of 100sqm. lot into a playground park.

Parallel to PFI’s belief in the importance of education for a better future, and more than what children can learn inside the classroom, PLAY is as also important at their young age to initiate development and explore their potentials and learn at their own pace.

Outdoor Play is not just about having fun. It is a vital part of childhood that helps children develop physical strength, coordination and balance. It can also provide opportunities for children to learn and develop social skills, imagination and creativity, thinking and problem-solving skills, sense of self, sense of connection and self care skills.

C. Disaster/Calamity Relief Operation

This is a regular standby program of the Foundation to provide relief and/or rehabilitation services to victims of natural and man-made disaster/calamities and social disorganization to affected areas through resource mobilization, relief distribution and networking with other agencies.

Target Beneficiaries:

  • Victims of natural and man made disaster/calamities
  • Distressed and displaced groups and families
  • Families/individuals in evacuation centers
  • Individuals in Crisis Situation